I’m the woman you call when your tech stuff is making you lose your Sh*t!

Hi! I'm Olivia

I like to consider myself a tech consultant for the technologically frustrated. One of my favorite things to do is to make sure that you feel less frustrated and less anxious with the techy stuff. Either I know my shit, or I’m willing to stop at nothing to figure the shit out.
So what’s techy stuff? I’m glad you asked 🙂
Tech Stuff:
WordPress website woes & errors ( WordPress site design/redesign, Plugin & theme errors, integration help )
DNS & Hosting issues
WordPress Site Speed
Malware/Site hacked
500 Server errors
Or maybe you need help deciding which tech solution you need to automate your business. ( CRM’s , CMS, E-mail marketing, funnels, etc.)
NO matter the problem, I’m here to help you find solutions.
The first step is a phone call so you can tell me all about your biggest tech frustrations. Click the button below to schedule an appointment.

Two Ways I Can Help You...

IDK! But Help ASAP!

Do you feel stuck, lost, overwhelmed…or just plain old frustrated with technology? Or maybe you need some help with automating parts of your business, so you can really focus on the parts of your business you really love. 

WordPress Website Solutions

Do you feel overwhelmed with the care and maintenance of your WordPress Site? Or maybe you need help with creating, updating, or maintaining your WordPress website.This solution is for you if you need some help with your WordPress website.


I COULD HAVE NEVER EVER DONE THIS WITHOUT YOU! Olivia, you are the absolute best. Honestly, you will be my go-to technology person for LIFE! Thank you so much.
Keianna Johnson Product Shot
Keianna Johnson
Working on a client book launch project, and the Clickfunnels to Shopify integration completely failed. It was a complete and total nightmare. I'm so grateful that Olivia was able to step in, and not only fix the problem with API, but it also is saving the client money in the long run as we were able to let go of Shopify altogether. The final project would not have been a success without this critical step. So I know who I will be using and referring for any similar projects.

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