WordPress Hosting & Maintenance

Worrying about your website shouldn’t be an item on your to-do list. Let me take care of your hosting, updates, and other techy stuff that you need to remove from your task list. 

Web Design

Are you in need of a new, fresh, simple web design?  If you are looking to create or redesign your website we can work together to create a solution.

Product Ideas for an online store

Online Store Creation

Imagine having your own online store where you can sell your own custom merch and products.  It’s possible if you start with setting up an online store. Let me handle the technical details. 



Your site is down or something wonky is happening. You don’t have time to Google it or stress about it. Get your website back up and running. Contact me asap.

WordPress Site Optimization

Your WordPress website is running slower than molasses and you’re tired of waiting for it to load. Let me get your site sped up and optimized!