Olivia is an amazing creative expert and is very sincere about what she does to help people's business thrive. If you have a problem and need a solution, I recommend reaching out to Olivia.I love my new logo and I look forward to creating my website with Olivia!
Nykisha Brooks
Licensed Cosmetologist and Certified Natural Hair Stylist
I highly recommend you to get off the fence if you're sitting on it. Let Olivia create your website and watch it grow your business. Partnering with One Moore Solutions made life and business simple. You'll be glad to move forward with Olivia and take your eCommerce site along with you. Your site visitors will be glad you did. Let's go! Click, click, and Cha-Ching is what I hear.
Melanie Lowery
Olivia was very professional and eager to provide help in any way she could.My website was going super slow. I had contacted the support for my website theme and the website host. Neither of them could fix my problem. Then Olivia came in and saved the day. Now my site is running faster than ever. Olivia has also helped me with a strategy session.She asked inquisitive questions that helped me find my niche market and ideas on how to grow my business. I highly recommend her service.
Dr. Bridget Steele
I COULD HAVE NEVER EVER DONE THIS WITHOUT YOU! Olivia, you are the absolute best. Honestly, you will be my go-to technology person for LIFE! Thank you so much.
Keianna Johnson Product Shot
Keianna Johnson

TaJuana Jones Blakely
Tiny Yogis Instructor

I have had the pleasure of knowing Olivia for over 5 years. And while that seems like a short amount of time, she made a huge impact on my life in an even shorter amount of time.

We were on a girls only retreat in the mountains. And just all of that beautiful nature, peace and quiet surrounding us created an incredibly Zen-like atmosphere.

Neither of us meditated much, but this space called for it if you listen to your heart. So we did and it was as cleansing as the pure air we breathed in. Olivia spoke from her heart and suggested I do guided meditations on YouTube. I had recently lost my job, and knew I didn’t want to go back to the daily grind, so it was tempting. Our conversation was as if our spirits were communicating with one another. Olivia obviously has a keen spirit and a compassion that makes it easy for you to hear and understand things that wouldn’t normally resonate with you.

When we got back home I decided I had to chart my course. I decided I wanted to do something that would matter in my community and the world at large. I became a Children’s Yoga Instructor and love waking up every morning and serving my clients.

Thank you Olivia for being such a sweet, genuine, and spiritually in tune sister to me. Thank you for your guidance which helped me get where I am today and your creativity that continuously encourages me. Peace


Diana Ramsey

Olivia Thompson remains an intregal part of my life and brand. She will forever be remembered as the first developer to create what is known now as www.sisterswithbeauty.com.

I came to Olivia in need to someone who wasn’t going to charge me an arm and a leg for a website. What I received from Olivia was not only a website, but a relationship with a devoper and trusted friend.

Olivia created the SistersWithBeauty website in under a month, all while on bed rest. She created mock ups for me to follow that include clear and concise instructions on how to do basic to complicated actions. Olivia not only met my website expectations, but exceeded them by giving me more than what I thought I wanted or believed I needed.

Anyone interested in working with Olivia should understand they will get more than what they are paying for. Her creativity and ability to figure things out no matter the customer’s wants are beyond exceptional.

Olivia is professional, personable, and has an attention to detail that will give any website assurance and completeness.