I’m the woman you call when your tech stuff is making you lose your Sh*t!

Does your chest get tight when you have to do anything tech related? Do the terms SEO, Sales Funnel, Domain, and Web hosting make your skin crawl? I totally get it. I have worked with super resourceful, intelligent women who are killing it in business, but the moment they need to do anything on their websites, they completely shut down.

Most times the solution is really simple, but you can’t see it until you get through your frustrations. I can help make the tech stuff easy.

Schedule a FREE 30- min discovery call with me today.

I help small business owners feel less frustrated with the techy stuff by creating website support, solutions, and strategies.

IDK! But Help ASAP!

Do you feel stuck, lost, overwhelmed…or just plain old frustrated with technology? Are you overwhelmed with figuring out how to transfer a domain or connect your website to other apps?

Monthly WordPress Maintenance

Do you feel overwhelmed with the care and maintenance of your WordPress Site? This solution is for you if you need some help with your WordPress website.

WordPress Website Solutions

Whether you’re looking to create a new one page website, 5 page website,  or an e-commerce website or expand on an existing one, I’ll help you create a simple WordPress solution.



Pick a date and time that works for you, and book a discovery call.


When the time comes, show up at your scheduled time, and we’ll have a chat about what needs to be done.


I’ll evaluate everything from our call and send you an email with solutions and next steps. 

Working on a client book launch project, and the Clickfunnels to Shopify integration completely failed. It was a complete and total nightmare. I’m so grateful that Olivia was able to step in, and not only fix the problem with API, but it also is saving the client money in the long run as we were able to let go of Shopify altogether. The final project would not have been a success without this critical step. So I know who I will be using and referring for any similar projects.

Christine St. Vil

Social Scoop Media

I highly recommend you to get off the fence if you’re sitting on it. Let Olivia create your website and watch it grow your business. Partnering with One Moore Solutions made life and business simple. You’ll be glad to move forward with Olivia and take your eCommerce site along with you. Your site visitors will be glad you did. Let’s go! Click, click, and Cha-Ching is what I hear.


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