1 on 1 tech training sessions


Are you ready to level up your tech game and become a digital dynamo? Look no further! With my personalized 1-on-1 sessions, you’ll get the expert guidance and hands-on support you need to master the digital tools that matter most to you.

Sessions we offer:


  • Square Superstar Session: Get the lowdown on Square and learn how to maximize its features to streamline your business operations, boost sales, and take your online presence to new heights.
  • Canva Creativity Clinic: Unleash your inner design diva with our Canva crash course! From eye-catching graphics to stunning social media posts, you’ll learn how to craft visuals that captivate and compel.
  • ChatGPT Guru Guide: Dive into the world of ChatGPT and discover how this powerful tool can revolutionize your workflow. From content creation to customer service, you’ll learn how to leverage ChatGPT to save time, streamline tasks, and supercharge your productivity.
  • WordPress Whiz Workshop: Ready to take your WordPress skills to the next level? Our WordPress session has got you covered! Learn the ins and outs of website creation, customization, and optimization, and watch your online presence flourish

 Choose Your Own Topic

Don’t see your preferred topic listed above? No worries! Opt for our “Choose Your Own Topic” option, where you dictate the agenda. Whether you need help with email marketing, social media strategy, or something entirely different, I’ve got you covered.

What to expect:

During our 1-hour session, we’ll tackle your most pressing questions, troubleshoot any challenges you’re facing, and work together to develop actionable solutions tailored to your goals. With hands-on guidance and personalized feedback, you’ll walk away feeling empowered and ready to conquer your tech tasks with ease.

Ready to Get Started?

Select your preferred session topic or choose the “Custom Topic” option below, and let’s embark on this journey to tech mastery together. Schedule your session now and take the first step towards unlocking your full potential in the digital realm!