WordPress Hosting & Maintenance


A website that isn’t being maintained is like a car that hasn’t been serviced: it will eventually break down. Get monthly maintenance for your WordPress website.


Are you tired of dealing with slow loading times, security breaches, and other WordPress website issues? I understand the importance of maintaining a fast, secure, and reliable website. So I’ve made my mission to make sure your website is always safe, protected, and in tip-top shape.

Our WordPress hosting and maintenance packages includes various tools and techniques designed to optimize and secure your website. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Fast website loading times
  • Security measures to keep your website safe from malicious attacks and malware.
  • Automatic website backups
  • WordPress core and plugin updates

With our WordPress hosting and maintenance package you won’t to worry about technical issues or maintenance tasks.
Sign up today for one of our packages, and sit back, relax and let me take care of your website .

I’ve partnered with Flywheel to create and develop WordPress sites. With Flywheel, I can handle your hosting, nightly backups, blazing-fast load times, WordPress-specific security, 100% free simple SSL, and a super dope support team full of WordPress experts.