In this case study, let’s explore how Jenaki, a talented Reiki practitioner, and I collaborated to create a simple one-page WordPress website. I assisted Jenaki in securing a domain, selecting reliable hosting, writing compelling website copy, and integrating Square Appointments. This enabled her to establish an online presence, attract new clients, and streamline the booking process. Join us as we dive into the details of Jenaki’s transformative journey.

Client Background

During the pandemic, Jenaki experienced a spiritual awakening, leading her to establish Jenaki’s Vegan Life and become a Usui Reiki 2 Practitioner. Her mission focuses on inspiring personal healing and well-being.

The Journey

Jenaki approached me for a  website and guidance on offering services to future Reiki clients. We had a 30-minute discovery call to discuss her needs, vision, and goals. After evaluating her requirements, I provided a detailed explanation, including a quote and an overview of what she needed to get started.

Domain & Hosting Process

We secured the domain jenakisveganlife.com as an umbrella for her brands. However, after further discussion, we also obtained Reikiwithjenaki.com since it would be her main focus for a while. Choosing WordPress as the platform, we secured hosting with Bluehost . While I handled the domain and hosting process, I assigned Jenaki tasks like writing her bio and acquiring a professional headshot for the website. I also provided her with a checklist for guidance

Create the Copy

Jenaki excelled at completing her tasks, and together we edited her bio. I extracted a few points from it to use as copy for her “work with me” section.

Jenaki BIo

Jenaki’s goal was to market her Reiki services and provide an easy scheduling and payment process for clients. To achieve this, we opted to integrate Square for accepting payments and managing appointments. By embedding a Square booking widget, we made it effortless for clients to schedule and pay, saving time for both Jenaki and her clients.

Square Appointments Widget

Following a successful soft launch, Jenaki will soon be fully launching her website. Our next objective is to raise awareness and drive traffic to her site.


In conclusion, our partnership in creating a one-page WordPress website empowered Jenaki to establish a robust online presence and connect with clients seeking healing and self-discovery through Reiki. By leveraging my expertise in domain acquisition, website hosting, copywriting, and Square Appointments integration, I provided Jenaki with the necessary tools to expand her reach and enhance her business’s success. This journey shows the power of a simple well-crafted website in turning a passion into a thriving online enterprise.