Client Background
Client Name: Nykisha Brooks
Business Name: Uniquely You Natural Hair Care
Industry: Natural Hair Care
Location: Sunderland, Maryland


Nykisha Brooks, the owner of Uniquely You Natural Hair Care, is a dedicated natural hair stylist known for her personalized approach to hair care. With a strong commitment to promoting healthy natural hair and boosting her clients’ self-esteem, Nykisha’s salon has gained popularity and a loyal customer base. However, she recognized that she was tired of her current logo needed a makeover to give her brand a boost.


Outdated Visual Identity: The existing logo had been in use for several years and felt outdated. Its intricate details and complex design no longer resonated with a more modern aesthetic.

Develop a new logo that embodies modern simplicity while reflecting the salon’s mission and values.
Create a versatile logo that could be used across various platforms and materials.


1. Discovery and Visioning: Nykisha and I chatted via Instagram DM and discussed her new vision and any changes she wanted to make to her logo.

2. Based on the info gathered, I generated multiple updated logo concepts. These concepts focused on simplicity, and making sure I kept key elements from the old logo.





3. I explored typography styles, iconography, and color palettes that resonated with the brand’s essence. They also incorporated natural elements like hair strands and leaves to symbolize both hair care and the salon’s dedication to nature.

4. Nykisha was actively involved in the design process, providing feedback on each concept iteration. The collaborative approach ensured that the final logo would truly represent Uniquely You Natural Hair Care.

5. After several rounds of refinements, a final logo emerged. The chosen design featured a simplified illustration of her original concept. The typography was clean and contemporary, exuding a professional yet approachable vibe.

6. Color Palette: We decided to keep her original brand colors.


The collaborative efforts between Nykisha and me resulted in a rejuvenated logo that resonated with Uniquely You Natural Hair Care’s audience. The modernized logo effectively conveyed the salon’s commitment to natural hair care, individuality, and empowerment. With its versatility, the new logo is seamlessly integrated into various branding materials, from social media profiles to signage and product labels.


By embracing modern simplicity and authenticity, Nykisha successfully revitalized her brand’s visual identity. This case study shows the importance of aligning visual elements with a brand’s core values and mission.