WordPress Quick Fix


Do you have a a small issue on your website that needs fixing or a small task that you need help with?

Purchase a “quick fix” and I’ll take a look at it for you!


This website quick fix is for any little issue you’re having with your site.

You can purchase this service if:

  • You completed an update on your plugin and it’s broken your site
  • Your site is down and you’re not sure why
  • You made a change to your site and it’s broken the design
  • You have a blog you’ve written but you don’t know how to upload it – I can upload it for you
  • You have a new logo that you need to change on your website


Note: Any tasks that, after further investigation, are discovered to be more complex to fix will be quoted at an hourly rate. Any tasks that fall outside of the “quick fix” scope will also be quoted at an hourly rate. This service is for one quick-fix task only. Other tasks will need to be raised separately.